When a Lobster Buys a Bathrobe
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When a Lobster Buys a Bathrobe

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Author Ed Shankman and illustrator Dave O'Neill began creating their award-winning children's books in New England, with stories on Boston, Cape Cod, Maine, and Vermont. In 2011 they turned their attention to New Orleans and in 2013 to the state of Florida. Their latest book, When a Lobster Buys a Bathrobe, does not happen in just one place, but wherever lobsters are found — and that's almost everywhere Shankman & O'Neill have traveled before...and beyond. With its bouncing rhymes and colorful illustrations, everyone will love reading this charming story again and again.

Author: Ed Shankman

Format: hardcover

Series: shankman and o'neill

Made in United States of America