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100% Extra Small Mini Clay Kit, Animals

Fashion Angels

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A ton of fun in a tiny box…create this adorable set using the air-dry clay and easy to follow instructions.  This creative activity allows kids to expand on their motor skills and is a great way to keep them off screens. This is one kit in the 100% Extra Small Mini Clay Series 3 of mini clay animal kits so why not collect and make all 6.


Llama - We have also included all the accessories a Llama needs at a pool party. These include sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen, a pool, speakers, a beach ball and a printed lawn. After completing your Llama, pose him in the pool scene created with all the props in the box.


Sloth - This sloth loves to skateboard so we have included all the equipment needed for a fun afternoon of skateboarding… a skateboard, sunglasses, a water bottle, a boombox, and of course a sweet ramp.


Unicorn - This is a magical unicorn that loves yoga so we have included all the equipment needed for a relaxing yoga session… 2 foam yoga mats and bands, a water bottle, and a yoga studio sign.


Bunny - This adorable kissing bunny comes complete with kissing booth and carrots.  Cut and fold kissing booth complete with sign- posts and banner. Set up the easel with sign and you are in business.


Recommended ages 8+

3.75" L x 1.5" W x 5.75" H

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